AxLR is a technology transfer acceleration company. Our specialty is helping innovative projects derived from academic research reach maturity and commercialization. We work with the main public-sector research laboratories in France's Mediterranean area in Occitanie, one of the most dynamic locations in Europe, with over 200 laboratories and some 12,000 researchers.

Develop and protect an invention

AxLR offers researchers a privileged point-of-contact for all issues related to technology transfer, intellectual property, and promotion. We work closely with our partners to help researchers and their laboratories transform their work into marketable products and services.

Identify and invest in innovation

AxLR is entirely dedicated to accelerating technology transfer, assisting and funding technical and business development for innovative technologies, and commercializing innovations to meet industry and entrepreneurial needs. AxLR reduces R&D risks for companies.


Angulus Terra

(Français) Modélisations mathématiques et des calculs scientifiques pour l’industrie et le secteur académique. Ces modélisations concernent en particulier, les phénomènes de transport (conduction, convection).

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