AxLR SATT offers researchers a privileged point-of-contact for all issues related to technology transfer, intellectual property, and promotion.

From laboratory to prototype, AxLR guides you through all the phases of technology transfer

We work together with you to help transform and promote your product or service, focusing on key issues such as industrial property, patent potential, market opportunities, and project maturation with respect to various legal, business, technological, financial aid, marketing, and licensing issues.

Maturation Department

Our Maturation Department accompanies projects in laboratories supported by AxLR on an ongoing basis. The team helps you with your development efforts by offering its expertise in project engineering, plus advice on marketing, regulatory, and legal aspects, and financial support for hiring, equipment purchases, services, reagents, etc. This assistance enables projects to mature in harmony with requirements that match real-world market conditions, therefore in a manner that is more likely to attract industry and investor interest.

If you would like to present us with a technology transfer project, please feel free to download the maturation intention form and contact one of our specialists:

Develop key steps

Legal Department

Our Legal Department helps research teams with their efforts to protect their inventions.

If you would like to get in touch with our Legal team - contact: Olivier Maizou

It is essential to protect your idea before any type of publication or communication. You should contact us before releasing any details. Contact us or call +33 (0)4 48 19 30 00

Administrative and Financial Department dedicated to projects

AxLR’s Financial and Administrative Department manages a variety of operational aspects for researchers and their laboratories, including hiring contract engineers and purchasing materials and consumables according to specifications, while respecting procedures and obligations for competitive bidding (handling orders, supplier relations, etc.).

Business Development Department

Our Business Development Department accompanies projects in their search for industry partners and investors.


To know the SATT

To find out more, please contact us:
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